Went from Savannah, Tampa, Arizona to San Fran, Chicago, Michigan, Maryland with no kickstand

went from Savannah, Tampa, Arizona to San Fran, Chicago, Michigan, Maryland I’m a bad man

Typically it’s the hunger, hunger that comes from under,

kind that come from the guts, that turns you into a hunter,

encourages that level performance from jennifer lawrence,

makes you climb pedastule that high and never come off it,

they say its remarkable, oh how they applaud it,

and you resent them, they don’t know how bad you want it,

how bad you need it, made it this far on intravenus,

call your hunger a game and have the nerve to believe it,

they didn’t see you were cold, riding that road alone,

dead battery. can’t see two inches in front your nose,

dogs follow your scents vultures hope for your bones,

you feel God knows what coming awfuly close,

how much you kno bout dat bruh, wanna gimmie dap bruh,

wanna sit my lap bruh, hear bout where I been at bruh,

jolted out of sleep had to cry myself back bruh

that ain’t what you asked for, you just want the laughter,

you just want me to sang all about the fun and games,

you just like hunger games, please skip the hunger pains,

skip past the aches the lonliness, doubt and shame,

just tell me bout new orleans, don’t tell me bout hurricanes,

boy you just struck a vain, girl you just hit a nerve,

God made me climb for my grade, graded me on dangerous curves,

fed me out of his hand, put me to rest on the curb,

all you see is broad shoulders dont care how they was earned

dunno what none of this meant, what none of it means,

you wanted to hear, I’m just tellin you what I seen,

sometimes my chest burns, bubbles, and boils,

guess that makes me an artist, sometimes I gotta make noise,

dunno rhyme or reason, I just know how to rhyme,

no, I dunno why I did it, I just knew I had to ride,

got an hour and stomach for it I’ll tell you about my year

hell yeah I was scared but what should be the fear

(wrote to this beat)


My friend Matt Nation once said to me the reason people love performers is because they seem so much freer than everyone else. I love that concept and I take that a step further. People watching in NYC, and in my own experience, most people are never nearly as free as they are to be themselves, and to honestly express themselves as they are with their own families. The most introverted people become performers around their own families. I think people love performers because performers can somehow treat EVERYONE like family.

The `Speare Bearer’s Ride: Route S, Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C. 09/13-09/17, Pt. 9: Patti & Tommy? the Gumption Dragon, and the Great Trail Exchange

The question mark is because I’m a jerk, and it took me so long to find a computer since I’ve gotten back to NYC to blog that I’ve begun to forget lIttle details of the final few days of my tour, like the names of this wonderful couple I met riding the C & O trail. I believe this couple is Patti and Tommy. We ended up chatting for a bit, when I took a break from speeding through the trail to ask them for directions. I ended up performing for them, I believe it was a Twelfth Night scene, and to my surprise, they weren’t content to let me just perform for them. They wanted an equitable exchange, and each had pieces to perform for me. 
Tommy had actually gone to high school with Nils Lofgren, famed musician of the E Street Band, and Neil Youngs Crazy Horse. He shared a funny limerick Nils recited at a talent show when they were kids. And Patti, also a performer, puts on shows school age children as “The Gumption Dragon”, a magical dragon all about encouragement and affirmation. She shared one of her pieces about “power” and it was so gleeful and sweet I almost burst into delighted pieces right there. And she does this all in an awesome dragon costume. Check her out!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFrSGSIIwLM&feature=youtu.be
The `Speare Bearer’s Ride: Route S, Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C. 09/13-09/17, Pt.5, Stealth Camping in Hancock, WV 09/17
Slept out here this night because it was a nice covered hidden place, and I was in front of a bike shop, which I needed to visit first thing in the morning anyway. I slept right behind my bike where you see the sleeping mat laying. The owner lived in an adjoining building only feet away, and I was lucky enough to have woken up and be almost packed back up only right as he emerged to open his store. I don’t think he could tell I’d slept there. I’m such a badass.