Two of my best friends in the world, Bmac, and Jon, before our 10 yr High School reunion at Port Charlotte High.
My reunion was a two-day affair that was… not great, but it was fun, and was great to see a lot of old faces I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade, especially since I haven’t been on Facebook in years. It was great to see what people did with their lives, to hear people had gotten married, had kids, whether they moved far from home, stayed close, or done both..
I performed for everyone on second night… I think that was mistake. It took me from being another part of the class, to being this guy who did this thing… it’s all anyone wanted to talk to me about after.
As I’ve said before, the thing about endeavoring to separate yourself from the crowd, is that you end up separating yourself from the crowd.
Not from these two though. Me and Jon, and Bmac, we’re brothers. They don’t give a shit what I do. I love them for that.

Hello all. `Speare Bearer here. As some of you might know, I took a hiatus from my ONE-MAN STREET SHAKESPEARE ON A BIKE tour around the US, and flew back home to Florida where my folks are about a week and a half ago to get some much needed rest, as I was suffering some pretty debilitating, persistent, and indomitable exhaustion the last two months, as well as to attend my 10 yr high school reunion. Well, that’s all done, and I feel strong again. I am hoping to fly back out to Chicago, and finish my last leg of the tour to New York from there. The problem is, I am completely out of money.

I’ve been on this tour for nearly six months now, and I think overall it’s been an even greater success than I ever imagined it could be. I’d like the chance to finish it strong, as well as make it home to New York before it gets too cold. I want to end this tour doing better shows, more frequently than any other point in the trip. So, for this last, final push I am imploring you all who believe in this project, it’s merit, and just all the work my director Jolie and I have done since last July (She’s just had a baby this past month BTW!!!!) please hit donate and give anything you can, as soon as you can, so I can book a flight to Chicago and finish this mission.

I know many of you have been supporting my throughout my journey, and know truly, from the bottom of my heart, that this trip is probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I thank God for this opportunity, and I am so deeply appreciative of all of your help, and support, monetary or otherwise over the past year. But I still have a little ways to go, and I’d just like to opportunity to finish this thing the way it should be finished.

That’s it. There’s no long speech. I just need a plane ticket to Chicago, to get back on my bike before August, and the sooner you donate the better, because it will take a few days to process and transfer your donations to my bank account. If you do have the inclination to donate something, anything, please, please, please follow it. Please help if you can, and spread the word. And feel free to go back, check out my blog archives and review for yourself the crazy details of my little Shakespearean adventure thus far. God bless you.

Click here to donate.

I need the rest.

I’ve lost count of the days already. I’m at a Subway and I need to meet the girl from couchsurfing who is begrudgingly hosting me and saving my life… So quick as I can….

Leaving Panama City was probably the most beautiful day of riding I’ve had so far. Passed the real Laguna Beach and Wisteria Lane. Saw a house being demolished, which was awesome. I’ve basically spent two days riding across some of what are probably the wealthiest beach from communities in the country. I’ve countless videos of just being bowled over in awe at the beauty. I think I even saw the Tony Stark house, except I think its on Cali. It was a beautiful ride but by the end of the night, when I got to the camp ground in Destin I was headed for it, Park Ranger informed the last spot was snatched up right before me. So I’m on a wild goose chase in the dark in a busy, wealthy resort town, trying to maneuver my bike in the dark. First I tried to give the desk person at ths Comfort Inn a sob story to score a free room, he pointed me 3 mi down the road to a Motel 6, which also didn’t care for my sob story but gave me free wifi. Prolly also the nicest motel ever. I should photograph these things.

I had a good nights sleep and woke up to rain… Which I knew was coming. It forced me to stay in bed an extra hr… Luckily by the time was ready to check out, was all bundled up, and dug up the courage to face the rain and shove off, the rain was already beginning to die down. So my first rain ride was super light. I ate at a Waffle House brimming with local types. Had a talk with a fella there who was a regular named Bernie. Asked him the likelihood they’d let me perform my crazy Shakespeare in there. He told me probably not, that those kind of folks wouldn’t care much for Shakespeare, and neither did he. I did ask the manager, a sweet faced young fella and he told me he’d like to see my show but couldn’t let me perform there. too bad… Before I left had a final chat with Bernie.

He said when I said Shakespeare, he thought of guys in tights declaiming. I told him Shakespeare is about people like him, people like us, not just people who went to college, or Live in villas. Told him a story bout. An old dad, giving out his inheritance to his daughters. He asks them to tell him how much they love him. The two oldest gush about how they love him more than anything, but the last daughter, about to be married tells Dad she loves him as much as a daughter should, but is saving some love for her husband. Well hearing this, Dad flips out, takes the youngest’s inheritance away and gives it to the oldest, and tells the youngest she is dead to him. A father jealous of his daughters’ being married? Who can’t relate to that? Bernie and the waitress eavesdropping thought that and interesting point.

About 2 hrs into my ride the rain was done and sun was shining. The roads were super bumpy today… Met another street artist, Charley, who did incredible carvings. Couple miles down the road I crossed the THREE MILE bridge into Pensacola, which is a gorgeous and fascinating town, at least the downtown section. A young lady named Eaven agreed to host me for the night, but not until 9, so I spent a few hours trying to make a show happen. But Pensacila is… picture a elegant, demure, wealthy young woman of 19, from old old money, who has never explored outside of her social or cultural circle, and yearns to, but doesn’t dare scandalize mother and father. That young woman is downtown Pensacola…

I did finally find a couple frim Tennessee near the pier who asked me to take a picture of them. I convinced them to let me do a scene for them as a Valentine’s Day/anniversary present. They were sweet enough to oblige me, and film it… I should have gotten footage of them… Not my best work, but at least I got a performance in…

Off to Mobil tomm.. That’s all I got. More to come.

I’m a little short-handed here, all I really get a chance to do is ride, eat, hunt down a place to sleep, sleep, scheme to perform, and repeat. But I’d REALLY love to get my One-Man Shakespeare show in some schools… High schools, middle schools, elementary schools, boarding schools, charter schools, art schools, performing arts schools, private schools, colleges, universities…

I’m heading toward Pensacola today, then Mobil, then Biloxi, then New Orleans… I’ve got a list of the cities I’m hitting at

I’m cheap, (I charge $150+ a place to sleep for a day’s work), I’m offering a unique and thrilling theater experience, an electric approach to Shakespeare, and I’m good!

Please, if you can help me book some shows, in any way, that’d be a Godsend.

I just want to thank everyone who has been donating to my One-Man Street Shakespeare project via Paypal, and encourage everyone else to give! It’s been a hard road so far, but somehow, through the grace of God I’m making it, and I’ve gotten to perform in some really cool places… But it takes the simple generosity of people like you to keep this crazy enterprise going. So please go to and give ANYTHING you can. It would make a BIG difference.

Thanks, and God bless.