The Speare Bearer: Francis. A really good friend I met in Long Beach, CA. I tell all about him in a forthcoming video, but suffice to say he really looked after me the few hrs I was in Long Beach.

Didn’t sleep much or well at the stealth camp site… Body was tense and anxious all night. So I was up by 6am. Soon we all awoke and packed up and rode back into town find a Waffle House, a Walmart, and look for a place for me to perform.

We did all that, and at the Walmart my buddies convinced me to pop my Walmart cherry. So right there in parking lot of a Super Walmart. I didn’t think it went too well, but for the first time someone asked me to do an entire scene over so they could film it. So I did. Again, it wasn’t my best performance, but at least I got one done Mississippi, and finally had the balls, with some coaxing, to perform at a Walmart.

Then we took a nice ride along the beach board walk for about 20-30 miles.It was one of the nicer rides we’ve done so far. We all laughed a lot together. A few towns down and went into a McDonalds and hung out for a bit, and used some wifi while we waited for dark to go to Buccaneer Park to camp out. So after dark we took the ride, it was a cool ride in the dark. Tried to sneak on all stealthy, but the ranger did track us down in and point us to the primitive camping. Got to the site, set up camp, and hung out for a bit before we all went to sleep. It was a good good day.