The `Speare Bearer: Group I managed to gather to perform for, in Deming, New Mexico, 04/09.
The director of the library, Angela Wilde, is in the back with a blue t-shirt, and Ed, a kind-hearted gentleman who also works for the library, was nice enough to offer to let me stay the night at his place. That’s him sitting in the front left, in the purple shirt. New Mexico is treating me soooo well.
When I got to Deming, I realized it was a small town (bout 4000 people) and I wasn’t sure if I could make a performance happen, not did I think I had enough energy to poke around for one. After trying to get some leads at the local Performing Arts theater (no one was around), and the visitors center, I was directed to the library. They couldn’t offer me much in the way of leads either, but I think it was a day off from school, and there were so many kids hanging around I asked the director if I couldn’t just try to make a performance happen there. The director Angela gave me the kids reading room to use as a space and said I could perform for whomever’s parents said it was OK. So I went and spoke to a bunch of parents, including one grandmother who required English to Spanish translation from her grandaughter.
This wasn’t my best performance, I was getting heckled a little, but I did Twelfth Night, and Romeo and Juliet the best I could. Hopefully someone got SOMETHING out of it, and quite a few of the kids did ask me for my card.
The `Speare Bearer: Group of New Mexico State University Theater Arts students I performed a Hamlet scene for, 04/06.
The one day I had top make it to campus, to visit the theater department, which i like to do when I’m in a college town happened to be Good Friday, so there were no classes, and barely anyone around. I was pretty dissapointed, but uckily these four theater students were in the costume shop which I found by poking around, working on costumes for their upcoming production of “Shout!” They were really cool, and encouraging, and I had a great time performing for them. And they gave me a heads up on performing in the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market, where I made some good money, so thanks guys!
The `Speare Bearer: Group of Engineering students I performed my Julius Caesar scene for on the New Mexico State University Campus, 04/06.
They were nice guys to stick around, and werea really great audience, even when a lady and her friend passing by walked through my scene, and quite gravely warned the boys to beware of false prophets, and then indiscreetly gestured toward me. As soon as she walked up the guys urged me to come out of my stunned daze and finish my scene, which I did. Always interesting.
The `Speare Bearer: 04/06 My new friend Andrew from Las Cruces, New Mexico, who I’m staying with now while I’m here. He’s a friend of Dennis, a nice man who came to my show in Carrizozo, and called Andrew to let him know I’d be coming his way, and Andrew was nice enough to offer me a place to stay. Awesome.

Ralf at White Sands

The `Speare Bearer: 4 young men of Miss Ball’s class I performed for today at Ruidoso High, in Ruidoso, NM. 04/05
I did a Hamlet’s ghost scene, Macbeth/Lady Macbeth, and a Romeo and Juliet scene. They seemed interested, and we had a really cool conversation about strength of mind versus  strength of heart, making art, deciding to be an artist, fear, and lots of other stuff. It was awesome.
The `Speare Bearer: The road to Roswell, NM, 03/31.
Terrain getting more and more desert-y.