I was inside the SoHo Apple store for about 2 hrs, trying to catch up on some blogging last Tues (which I do because I don’t own a computer besides my phone, and it can’t really do the whole job..), and when I emerged Old Grace (the bike), which I’d locked to a tree in front of the store early afternoon, in broad day, was gone. Suffice to say the bike tour is over.

That doesn’t mean the project is over. I plan to spend the next few weeks booking shows in NYC and in the Tri State area at schools, in after school programs, theaters (if you have any ideas or leads for me, please shoot me a mesg), and possibly just traveling around the city and performing via train, and Jolie and I are gearing up to begin working the one man show.

This project of hopping on my bike with Shakespeare on my back, barreling full speed ahead towards my fears has been one of the greatest things I’ve done with my life, and I’m not ready to be done yet.


The `Speare Bearer: Willamette University Law Students I performed Romeo and Juliet for, 06/21
In Salem I stayed with this awesome couple, John and Shanna, from warmshowers.org. I was REALLY tired there, as I have been for a few weeks now, and didn’t do much, but as the afternoon rolled around, I decided it was inexcusable to not at least see SOME of Salem, OR, the state capitol, for crying out loud. So I got on my bike and rode the 10 mi into town from my hosts house. I saw one group of folks sitting around in a circle working and I thought “AUDIENCE” so I stopped and interrupted them and asked if they had 5 min for a scene. They turned out to be Law students and the local prestigious university, but they could use a break. So I did an R & J scene, which I thought was pertinent to what they were studying.. mediation. I dunno’. They were nice though, and at least I got to perform a bit in Salem.

A wonderful couple, Chris and Renee Smith invited me to perform for their youth theater ensemble. I ran late because my friend Bmac’s dad installed a sweet smart phone charger gadget on my bike today, so now I can charge as I ride. So pretth much the second I got there I had to launch into my shakespeare show for a group of about 60 children btw 5 and 12 yrs of age and a few adults… Again I thought I was losing them, but they were a good audience. We had a really interesting q&a afterwards and REGRET not getting any footage of anything. IDIOT!

Anyway, afterward Renee and Chris were nice enough to treat me to a home cooked meal at their wonderful home, and Chris took me to see a community theater show he built a terrific set for. It was great fun.

All in all it was a good day, a day that really makes me look forward to launching. The kids had such great questions like “how do you do you remember all those lines?” and “how does it feel when you come off stage and people applaud for you?” Oh, they were so sweet it’s killing me.

Man. This is it. God is good.