The `Speare Bearer: Willamette University Law Students I performed Romeo and Juliet for, 06/21
In Salem I stayed with this awesome couple, John and Shanna, from I was REALLY tired there, as I have been for a few weeks now, and didn’t do much, but as the afternoon rolled around, I decided it was inexcusable to not at least see SOME of Salem, OR, the state capitol, for crying out loud. So I got on my bike and rode the 10 mi into town from my hosts house. I saw one group of folks sitting around in a circle working and I thought “AUDIENCE” so I stopped and interrupted them and asked if they had 5 min for a scene. They turned out to be Law students and the local prestigious university, but they could use a break. So I did an R & J scene, which I thought was pertinent to what they were studying.. mediation. I dunno’. They were nice though, and at least I got to perform a bit in Salem.