1st day back in NY. Supposed to be resting today… Instead the Speare Bearer is performing at the DUMBO Arts Fest.

The `Speare Bearer’s Ride: Route S, Pittsburgh, PA to Washington D.C. 09/13-09/17, Pt.5, Stealth Camping in Hancock, WV 09/17
Slept out here this night because it was a nice covered hidden place, and I was in front of a bike shop, which I needed to visit first thing in the morning anyway. I slept right behind my bike where you see the sleeping mat laying. The owner lived in an adjoining building only feet away, and I was lucky enough to have woken up and be almost packed back up only right as he emerged to open his store. I don’t think he could tell I’d slept there. I’m such a badass. 

My mother often asks me when I’m going to get a job, if I don’t realize I have to work. I always ask her “So you don’t think what I’ve been doing for the last seven months is working?”
She never has an answer for me.

Robin Williams
Nicholas Cage
Richard Pryor