You know, I was thinking, Ralf, God must really be with you.

I just realized I may have lost some footage of me getting kicked out of the Amazon campus in Seattle, WA after performing some Romeo and Juliet there in their private outdoor patio area for some local Seattle tech folks during a busy lunch hour before I got to post it. Well I didn’t get to post it before I my last phone fell apart, but it fucking happened. The `Speare Bearer strikes again!!!

Two of my best friends in the world, Bmac, and Jon, before our 10 yr High School reunion at Port Charlotte High.
My reunion was a two-day affair that was… not great, but it was fun, and was great to see a lot of old faces I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade, especially since I haven’t been on Facebook in years. It was great to see what people did with their lives, to hear people had gotten married, had kids, whether they moved far from home, stayed close, or done both..
I performed for everyone on second night… I think that was mistake. It took me from being another part of the class, to being this guy who did this thing… it’s all anyone wanted to talk to me about after.
As I’ve said before, the thing about endeavoring to separate yourself from the crowd, is that you end up separating yourself from the crowd.
Not from these two though. Me and Jon, and Bmac, we’re brothers. They don’t give a shit what I do. I love them for that.

Hello, Chicago.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.