The Speare Bearer: Lumber Trucks.

These bastards like to fly past you on narrow backroads you’re riding on, and sometimes your struggling uphill, or desperately trying not to crash, going downhill.
The `Speare Bearer: On the Siskyiou Pass from California to Oregon, on the I-5, 06/12
The Speare Bearer: Show in Bidwell Park, Chico, CA
Did a big show here.. one of my biggest crowds ever. Show was a little rocky at points, but hopefully everyone had fun. I think I did Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet. Made a little money. Good times.
The Speare Bearer: Performing in Yuba City, CA, 06/07

The couple in the very center are Rich & Sharon, a wonderful, and generous couple who hosted me in Yuba, surrounded by some of their familt/friends/random people who stopped to see the one man Shakespeare show. The three of us executed some guerrilla Shakespeare theater in the FeatherDowns Market in town. It was hairy at 1st, but actually turned out to be a really great show, prolly about 30 people all total actually joined the audience throughout the duration of the whole thing. It was awesome. I hope I cross paths with Rich & Sharon again, really good people.

Some video of this coming soon..
The Speare Bearer: Smuckers?? No way??!! Is this their headquarters??? Saw this Heading toward Chico, CA, 06/07
The Speare Bearer: I avoid a lot of my NYC pleasures while on the bike… But not my beloved bubble tea. Quickly, I love you! Sacramento, CA, 06/05