When I look back at this time.in my life in my Seventies, in my Eighties, I want to know that I gave it all I got. That I gave myself a shot. I want to see this moment anticipating having perspective on it later. I’m so scared, because I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. But for the first time in my life I’m getting palpitations and nausea from anxiety, and I’m PRAYING that I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.

  1. I wonder where I can perform.

  2. I think “Where is my WIFE?!”… I mean she’s gotta be around here somewhere, doesn’t she?

The Speare Bearer: Johnny and Nita, missionaries currently residing in Midland, TX who took us in for a night in their home. 03/28
And now, a crazy story:
A few days before I took off for my tour, I recieved a Tumblr message from a woman named Nita who was asking about my motivations for my trip, and if I would be traveling through the Midland/Odessa, TX area. I was unsure at that point, so I hesitated to respond. Cut to 5 days ago-My riding buddy Wilson, whom I met on the road a few weeks ago in Alabama, and I decide not to head to Midland/Odessa and go to Big Spring instead as it made our trip a bit easier So I finally after 3 months respond to Nita informing her that I won’t in fact make it to Midland/Odessa, but I do answer her question about my motivations, as you might have noticed below. As we’re riding to Big Spring, Wilson notices his bike tires have begun to split. So the next day, when we get to Big Spring, Wilson begins checking on warmshowers.org, a resource for bike travelers to find people to host them and offer a bed and a warm shower, to find someone who might take us to the nearest bike shop, which happens to be in Midland, TX. He finally finds someone in Midland who agrees to drive all the way out to Big Spring, pick both of us and our bikes up, take us to Midland, and give us a place to stay for the night. So before they arrive at the library where we are waiting for them in Big Spring, I write again to Nita, saying that now I am going to be in the Midland/Odessa area, and that I hope she gets in contact with me so that I might get to do a performance for her. Well, soon Wilson’s contacts arrive. They are a husband and wife, and the woman walks up to me an introduces herself. Her name is Nita.
They took us to the bike shop, fed us, swapped stories, (Nita is also an avid bicycler, which is why she was on warmshowers, and on American Bicycle Association, which is how she found out about my trip), and gave us warm beds. The sweetest most generous folks.
That’s my story.