My bike broken down in New Orleans.
Arrival in New Orleans

We lined up our tents in a row the night before, on a campsite we thought would provide some rain run off in Buccaneer state patk in Mississippi, and covered them as best we could with my two large tarps, expecting a thunderstorm overnight.

Sure enough we woke up to grey skies and a pretty substantial down pour. We all just kinda sat dumb founded for more than an hr trying to plot a way out. Finally there came what seemed like an extended break in the rain that would provide a window get out of there and get some distance in before the next down-pour. So we did just that, packed up the camp and tried to scoot out.

Bout 20 min down the road we could feel the rain coming again, just as we happened to roll up on the Silver Slippers Casino on the outskirts of Long Beach, Mississippi. As we rolled up we were directed to the parking structure in the back that where we could be sheltered from the weather, as the rain kept coming down hard for the next 3 hrs, rest ourselves, our bikes, use the bathroom, plug in my extension cord, and figure out what our next move was.

We hung out there as incognito as we could for Three hours til there was a break in the rain. Luckily we seemed to be in the employee lot. A break finally did come, we geared up and went for it.

We got maybe a mile before the skies REALLY opened up. The three of us had just turned down back road toward New Orleans and lightning started flashing, thunder was rumbling, and rain was getting ready to COME DOWN. We were in the middle of nowhere with all our stuff, our bikes, and no real cover.

Then, out of nowhere a dude in pickup, with a cab pulls up. Dude askes us where were going. New Orlesns? He’s heading that way and tells us to get in.


On the way Brent says he might become a believer, because what are the odds that a truck with room for all three of our bikes, and just enough room for us in the cab, would roll up just in time for the rain.

So in the furious storm, the Three of us, four, counting Wilson’s dog Polo, our rescuer Randy, and his beautiful golden dog JuJu all had a nice smooth ride to New Orleans. I even fell asleep it was so nice.

In New Orleans Randy drops us off at McDonalds, and we just wait/regroup/eat/use wifi/try to get ahold of our contacts for the next three hrs while we waited for the storm to finally end.

Brent took off first toward his host, while I called every contact I had to try and get a hold of my friend Monica, who knew I was coming but never gave me her number or address. Finally got ahold of her number through mutual friend, and realize she’s 7 miles away.

Wilson and I start riding. I’m a bit worried about Wilson, he’s not feeling too hot. We’re making good time on the ride though through the crazy streets of New Orleans Mardi Gras.

Halfway there, my back tire goes flat. Wilson has me pull over, and tries to change it in the dark. No dice, won’t hold air. We decide to walk our bikes, but we’re both tired, so we pump me up as much as we can and ride quick as we can the last few miles.

I flatten back out right on Monica’s street. We walk the last few blocks to get there.

We arrive to a house full of topless we women getting their bodies painted for the nights festivities. AWESOME. Wilson and I are warmly greeted by my friend Monica and can kind of unpack and unwind and watch the magic happen.

I went to sleep in the guest room shortly after the girls departed.