Jumping in feet first has always seemed to work out for you.


Logic is many times a disguise for fear.

Today, I will focus on being less logical which means I will be more fearless.

- Angry

This is TRUTH.

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The Speare Bearer: Performing in Yuba City, CA, 06/07

The couple in the very center are Rich & Sharon, a wonderful, and generous couple who hosted me in Yuba, surrounded by some of their familt/friends/random people who stopped to see the one man Shakespeare show. The three of us executed some guerrilla Shakespeare theater in the FeatherDowns Market in town. It was hairy at 1st, but actually turned out to be a really great show, prolly about 30 people all total actually joined the audience throughout the duration of the whole thing. It was awesome. I hope I cross paths with Rich & Sharon again, really good people.

Some video of this coming soon..

There is no shame in any of these things as long as you are acting on behalf of your fellow man, and you are LEARNING. There is NO SUCH THING as a stupid question, I don’t care what it is, except for the one you didn’t ask when you didn’t know because you were afraid. Don’t let ANYBODY EVER make you feel ashamed about learning. If they do, it’s because you being vulnerable makes them feel vulnerable, which is a scary place for them. So they silence those fears by deriding you. Don’t let them. Learn, grow, RISK, and thereby lead, by example.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.