The `Speare Bearer: Edmond Alyn Jones of the Hilberry Theater Compandy, Acting MFA at Wayne State University Detroit, MI, 08/28

My good friend David Sterritt, a terrific, astonishingly physical, and super disciplined actor that I went to undergrad with at SCAD, is getting his Masters in acting ay Wayne State, and is part of their repertory company at the Hilberry Theater. I got to sit in on their rehearsal, with this gentleman, Edmond in the title role. He’s a lucid, daring, savvy actor, and the whole company seem wonderfully in tune, generous, intuitive, unselfconcious players. I had a great time. I got to have lunch witg Edmond and we got to pick each others brains about Shakespeare, acting, and being an artist. A great kind soul to talk to. See their Othello if you get a chance, it’ll be a hell of a show.
The Speare Bearer: Silly Speare Bearer, @ Sacramento State in Sacramento, CA 06/05

I performed some Julius Caesar here for a few theater students that were repainting a room, then I took this silly picture outside.
The `Speare Bearer: Some ASU Theater undergrads I performed a Hamlet scene for, 04/16. I got to perform for quite a few groups of students on campus this day, on my second visit. they were great audiences and very gracious, and it was nice to talk to them about the fact that this is what a future in Performing Arts lands you, you live on a bike!

I didn’t tell them that. But I was thinking it. Good kids.
The `Speare Bearer: Group of New Mexico State University Theater Arts students I performed a Hamlet scene for, 04/06.
The one day I had top make it to campus, to visit the theater department, which i like to do when I’m in a college town happened to be Good Friday, so there were no classes, and barely anyone around. I was pretty dissapointed, but uckily these four theater students were in the costume shop which I found by poking around, working on costumes for their upcoming production of “Shout!” They were really cool, and encouraging, and I had a great time performing for them. And they gave me a heads up on performing in the Las Cruces Farmer’s Market, where I made some good money, so thanks guys!
The `Speare Bearer: Group of Engineering students I performed my Julius Caesar scene for on the New Mexico State University Campus, 04/06.
They were nice guys to stick around, and werea really great audience, even when a lady and her friend passing by walked through my scene, and quite gravely warned the boys to beware of false prophets, and then indiscreetly gestured toward me. As soon as she walked up the guys urged me to come out of my stunned daze and finish my scene, which I did. Always interesting.