Jumping in feet first has always seemed to work out for you.
I think the secret to my career is.. I don’t know what I can’t do.
Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
  • That God is with me
  • That I can perform all the pieces with accuracy, fidelity, verve, and clarity
  • That I can ride with all the weight packed onto my bike 30-50 miles a day
  • That I can blog/capture video/call my folks/contact important contacts/use the internet
  • That I can camp/find a place to sleep each night.
  • That I have the means to eat decent.
  • That I don’t die/am not maimed.

That’s all I need to do this thing. The┬ácommitment┬áto riding each day, the balls to gather a audience, look them in the eye and draw them into my web, taking the time to blog each day, having the presence of mind to be documenting this trip via writting, photo and video, and taking the time to upload it… those are all up to me… but what is above is all I need from outside myself to make this work…

Yea. That’s it.