The `Speare Bearer: Tree’s favorite mural in Eugene, OR, 06/19
I didn’t get a picture of my AWESOME host Tree Bressen in Eugene, OR (which is a really really cool little city) because I am an idiot and forgot, but she did show me her favorite mural in town, which is indeed quite mystifying and stunning. Tree was such a coo host, and we got along really well, seeing we only spent about 36hrs together. We took a bike ride, and she showed me some places to perform, and got to see me perform a bit, she told me a lot about the town, showed me cool routes to travel, and told me a bit about her travels and life, including her work as a professional facilitator. She helps worthy, mostly non-profit organizations have better meetings and communicate better. Super cool lady, and I hope we run into one another again.
The `Speare Bearer: Santa Barbara
Trippy Purple Tree