Do I imagine that most people I meet are scared of me, or am I actually scary?


The Speare Bearer: Group of homeless guys I performed my Hamlet sesport scene for on my way out of San Diego, CA yesterday, 04/30

Really kind group of guys. They had nothing but kind, encouraging words to say. One fella said “keep doing what you’re doing.” I dunno why, but it makes me kinda tear up just to think about…
The Speare Bearer: Is that NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton and his friends Chris, Josh(????), Lauren, and Richard at a fund raiser for Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)??? Yeeessss… Did I get to meet him and hang out??? Yeesss.. 04/29

Thanks to my good friend, fellow bike tourer Glen Gullickson from Bicycle Outfitters, in Seminole, Florida, who actually sold me my bike. He got me in contact with Mr. Walton, and the rest was awesome.

Mr. Walton was super kind, and very generous with his time, which MANY people asked of him. It was great to see greatness in person and to see it handled with class, wit, and grace. And he’s a TALL son of a gun by the way.
Ralf: What would you say makes a player great? Is it- Bill Walton: Brains and heart. Ralf: You wouldn’t add talent to that? Bill Walton: (Shrug) … Everybody has talent. The best players are the smartest and most commited. The ones with the most passion, and who have the grandest vision.

Gonna be rolling into San Diego early afternoon.. Been invited to participate officially at the Youth Shakespeare Fest.. But I still don’t have a place to stay. Gonna be in town 4 nights. Anyone have any leads???

The Speare Bearer: California, 04/19.

Praise God.