So, I was going to leave Wednesday, but a woman named Renee saw my show at the high school and hired me for $100 bucks to do a show at an elementary school. It seems like the kids might get something out of it, and I can’t pass up $100 bucks, and my friend Jason was going to do a recording session on Saturday, which I figure might be a fun thing to do before I take off, so I’m going to do that the night before I leave… Besides I think it’ll be cooler to be able to leave from Tampa and not actually have to ride through Port Charlotte and North Port again. So as of today I’m about a week off from the real kick off, on the 29th. I’m leaving about a week later than I wanted to, but I think it’s for the best.

So far I’ve done two official shows. I did one at Muse Arts Warehouse in Savannah, right near SCAD, where I went to school, and had some former professors and lots of old friends come see it. I think that performance was a personal best for me in terms of the entire show, maybe about 50 people showed up and the audience was very gracious. I got to meet a lot of people, see a lot of welcome old faces, we did a Q&A at the end and I got to talk a bit about the project and what it means to me, and my artistic life… got to listen to myself talk for a bit, and we all know that’s what we artists reaalllyyy love. Also, a professor I never had, but a really nice fella named David Storck invited me to speak at some of his acting classes at SCAD. It was a great time for me to see these kids who are a few years younger, and blow some more of my hot air at them, tell them about my experiences the last few years, and answer some of the questions I badgered them into asking me so I could hear myself talk more. So, Savannah was a fantastic time. 

Did another show here in Port Charlotte at my old high school, and again about 50 people, students (mostly the drama kids, but some others too), a few of my good friends, and/or friends parents who were in town, and a lot of my family showed up to support me. It was awesome. Things felt a little more tenuous at this show, and I felt like I really had to work to keep this crowds attentions, which was good for the performance, and they seemed to respond really well at the end. We did another Q&A here and I was really pleased that many of the people at this show seemed really interested and had some really good questions. One sweet young girl told me she’s hoping to go to SCAD for Performance. If she ever reads this I wish her well.

Now I’m just kind of biding my time… going to commit to only rehearsing by doing street performances from now on. Which is TERRIFYING, but it’s go time. There’s more I want to write I guess, but my brain is getting fuzzy, so I’ll just implore you all again, please donate to me, via my Amazon account because I still need quite a few more supplies to really make this thing work for me on the road. Right now I’m not fully prepared to really be able to take care of myself, and my bike,  and eat well enough to keep my strength up (I’m still missing a few supplies, like a pannier, and possibly a camp stove… ). I’m trusting God to provide these things, because i need them and don’t really know where they are going to come from.. so I’m just going to ask you all to donate, even if it’s $5 to the trip. If you already have, PLEASE know I am deeply appreciative of your donation.. I just want to make sure I can face this challenge squarely, not under-prepared. I don’t want to disappoint so many people who’ve put their faith in me. Anyway, click here to find out how to donate.

Thanks to everyone who is following this blog. I really appreciate you all, and I am doing my best to try to do you all proud, and really spread this Shakespeare with all the enthusiasm, joi-de-vivre, and ferocity I can muster. More soon. Love ya.

So there’s LOTS of news that I’m hurrying to get out before I go sleep in a tent in my moms backyard, (preparation for my tour). I’m still here in South West in Florida for a another 2 weeks or so before I take off on the One Man Street Shakespeare bike tour. I’ve been here spending some time with my family… I’ve really not spent much time at home at all in the last 4 1/2 yrs I was living at home, so I’ve been doing some much needed catching up with friends and family… also doing a lot of prep work for the tour… actually purchasing a bike, a 2012 Surly Long Haul Trucker I’ve named Grace Monger, (a peddler of Grace), been doing some riding, been doing a good amount of rehearsing, really starting to stretch out and loosen up into my repertiore… it feels nice, but there’s a lot more work to do.. and I’ve booked two preview shows for myself, one in Savannah GA, where I went to college (at SCAD), Here’s a newspaper article about that (!!!!), and one here in Port Charlotte. Hopefully there’s another forthcoming article about that one.

It’s getting late, and that’s the major news so I’ll just end by encouraging everyone to please donate to my tour. I’m DEEPLY indebted and so grateful to everyone who donated to my Kickstarter, and if you didn’t get a chance to and want to contribute, or if you are just divinely generous and just want to donate more, just go to and there’s simple instructions there about how to give via That’s all for now. Love you all. Good night.